Bay Bridge #3 for web

Having a few deadlines on the horizon can be very motivating so long as I plan ahead and start with plenty of time.Each painting goes through different stages, the beginning, middle, ugly¬† and finishing stage.The beginning phase involves covering the white canvas with paint and drawing in my design.This progresses to the middle stage where the painting starts to resemble my initial idea and is looking quite nice.The “ugly” stage lives up to it’s name but is a crucial step in the creative process.I sometimes enjoy this stage, it allows me to take chances and try new things as I have nothing to lose.

Pulling everything together takes time and concentration.Some of the questions I ask myself are” is my message clear, is my design strong, is there a clear focal point, did I include something unexpected, do I like it?”Occasionally a painting comes together relatively quickly, however more often than not this can be a laborious task involving many hours of looking and thinking with little to no actual painting.

“Bay Bridge #3″ is fresh off the easel, enjoy!